Janek Resources: SPM May 2017

On the Importance of Having the Right People in the Right Roles

If you’re a senior sales manager, a VP of sales, HR manager, or even a CEO – there has very likely been a time in your career when you’ve asked yourself “Do I have the right people to help my company meet its objectives?”

If you have asked yourself that question, what have you done about it?

  • Did you get frustrated and begin to doubt the competencies of certain employees, deciding to begin the process of managing them out of the organization without accurately assessing the root cause of the performance issue?
  • Maybe you hired new people hoping for fresh perspectives but based your requirements on low salary demands or simply upon personalities that you “meshed” with.
  • Or, perhaps you found new gaps on your team and began shifting employees into new roles. Let’s say one of your best sales managers moved on to a job with another organization so you thought you’d promote someone from within based solely on the fact that they were a top performing salesperson and the assumption that would translate well into management.

If anything from the three examples above rings true, the question you should be asking yourself shifts from “Do I have the right people to help my company meet its objectives?” to “Do I have the right people in the right roles?”

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