Janek Resources: SPM April 2019

How to Overcome the Awkwardness of the Premature Price Question

Envision the following scenario: You’re a sales rep for a CRM company on a discovery call with a potential mid-sized client. Their very first question is, “What’s the price?” It’s also one that you can’t really answer with any accuracy due to all the variables involved, such as: Do they need the stock option or a customized version? How customized? What level of support will they need? How many users will be involved?

Yet, that’s a scenario faced by sales reps since the dawn of commerce. The customer is concerned about the price and they want the numbers up front. The problem is, in a lot of sales, that’s simply not possible. Price is also relative to value. So if you haven’t had a chance to clearly demonstrate the value, you’re not in the best position to present your price. Fortunately, there’s ways to stabilize the conversation and get it back on track.

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