Janek Resources: SPM July 2017

Don't Let Your Sale Become a Victim of Commoditization

Even in today’s value-driven sales environment, price sensitivity remains a constant priority for most buyers. Many companies and advertisers are often competing in a race to the bottom, with constant reminders that they are offering the lowest prices - or that they are willing to match prices from the competition to gain your business.

While this attitude is mainly seen in B2C and brick-and-mortar retail sales, it has been trickling into the mindset of B2B buyers as well. Just a few weeks ago, a lead reached out to us via our live sales chat with a specific initial request. She needed pricing for a group of fifteen account representatives for sales training. The lead was unwilling to have a brief discovery call, which would have allowed us to learn more about the challenges she is facing, key objectives and other important data that would allow us to provide insight on how best to address them.

Sales can be a complex world, with a myriad of challenges that can hinder sales performance. As you can imagine, it is extremely difficult to provide...

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