Janek Resources: SPM February 2018

Does Artificial Intelligence Pose a Risk to Your Sales Job?

Over the past year, Artificial Intelligence (AI for short) has become somewhat of a buzzword or area of discussion in the world of sales. Rumblings continue to grow over its imminent arrival and software companies claim to have developed applications like “AI-driven CRM’s” that will supposedly make your sales job a breeze. If you’re paying attention, hardly a week goes by where a podcast or webinar doesn’t tout AI as one of the “hottest trends to look out for in 2018."

AI is here, that we know for sure, but whether it is good for hardworking sales reps or to what extend it will disrupt the world of sales as we know it is up for debate. Opinions of experts vary from AI becoming a digital assistant to sales professionals or in the furthest extreme; replace salespeople outright. The opinions and forecasts vary immensely.


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