Janek Resources: SPM September 2016

Leveraging Support During the Sales Process

Traditionally, and in popular culture, sales professionals have had a reputation for working on their
own. But the go-it-alone approach does not—and definitely should not—apply so much anymore. Many sales reps these days, particularly if they’re working B2B territory, typically are backed up by a support team. The practice of teaming up can have a huge impact on making a convoluted and complex sale not only possible, but smooth. Support teams can include everyone from technical experts on up to senior leadership staff..

Having a support team communicates a level of commitment to the client. When they know there’s
a group devoted to covering all the moving parts of a sale, it reassures them that “their team” at your company is looking out for them. Only, it’s not just for the client: Sales professionals benefit from and rely upon the support and expertise of their “teammates.” When you create a support...

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